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What readers and reviewers have said about
I Was There:

I couldn't put it down. What a story! A great piece of history. His story makes me think. His book helped me. Thanks for a job well done. The best I have ever read. A wonderful story.

Inspiring to today's generations
- CBC-Radio Canada, Vancouver

What a rewarding life
- The Legion Magazine, Ottawa

The results are rather impressive.
- Moosejaw This Week , Moosejaw, Saskatchewan

A well paced account
- The Coast Independent, Gibsons, British Columbia

He had what it took to become a real Canadian
- The StarPhoenix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Powerful writing
- The Mission City Record, Mission, British Columbia

Gently rewarding
- The LeaderPost, Regina, Saskatchewan

John and Pam
John Roper and Pam Proctor
Publishers of "I was There"


I Was There how to order I was there

Frank Proctor

Edited by
William N Tindall & Pamela Proctor

Published by tmi Publications, Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada

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Following are the insightful comments and reviews we have received from readers and publishers.

Comments by readers:

  • CBC-Radio Canada - Letter from Carole Taylor, Chair Board of Directors, to Pamela Proctor.

    Your father must have been a very remarkable man and I'm sure you miss him deeply. I am sure, though, That you can feel his presence in this book and that his quiet strength and courage continue to inspire you.

    His recollections of the early years of the 20th century will also inspire today's generations to hang on to hope despite the trials and tribulations of daily life.

  • Thank you for sending me this book. It is the best record of the Regina Rifle Regiment I have ever read. Elof Granberg, Richmond, California, U.S.A.

  • I couldn't put it down. Kathy Marcellus, Mission, B.C.

  • I have read I Was There from cover to cover and I couldn't put it down. I know Frank Proctor had a varied life but what a story! He sure had many character-building experiences from a very early age. Judy Anderson, Southampton, UK.

  • Uncle Frank's faith supported him through many difficulties. His book helped me. Janet McVeigh, Kitchener, Ontario.

  • I am enjoying the book very much. It brought many memories and even the feelings of those days. We led a very isolated existence…however I do remember that we never suffered from lack of anything from Q stores were never short of ammo, arms, clothing and always had water and rations came up as quickly as possible and most of all rum was always available! I know we had Frank to thank largely for this. He worked hard to ease the lot of the riflemen at the "sharp end"…and in his memory I can only say "Thanks Quarters for a job well done". Walter Keith, Calgary, Alberta.

  • I liked I Was There. It brings back a lot of memories. Frank Proctor has a good memory. He also has a strong faith. I like the way he took things. The book is a great piece of history. It's a good production. You must be proud of it. Audrey McCaw, Gibsons. B.C,

  • I finished reading I Was There and enjoyed it very much, particularly the account of his early life in Canada and in the armed forces. His story makes me think how little in control of the forces that shape our lives we really are. These days it seems that people think they have or want more control and I wonder if this is an illusion. But Frank Proctor doesn't despair about it. On the contrary, he makes the most of it. I'm also struck by how much fun and enjoyment he got in life, every day it seems. Andrea Roper, Almonte, Ontario.

  • "Frank's book was definitely worth a read - a very interesting life and full of tidbits of wisdom. I think I still remember his parting lines about the four things he saw as instrumental to his life - his move to Canada, his experiences in the army, his love of family, and his trust in God to chart the right course. Peter McKeown, Calgary
Reviews by Media:

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