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The inspiration of Frank Proctor

The Artist:

When asked why he painted tree stumps, he invariably replies, "I paint stumps because they are elegantly balanced, point upwards with meaningful significance, and are quiet witnesses. To me, tree stumps display the joy and character of old rugged individuals. Further, I like stumps. They give me a lift from earthly things to the spirit of Jesus who puts all things in perspective and balance"

This philosophy is found throughout my dad's autobiography. As you read it, you will find that he too, like an old stump, displays the quiet elegance of a rugged individual who finds strength and balance through faith in Jesus.

The Soldier at sea before D-Day:

I never experienced any cringing with those aboard. I suppose they were all trained soldiers ready to do what soldiers are expected to do. So whatever was at hand we would get on with it, whether it was enjoying the canned fruit, battling the very rough sea, taking cover from hostile aircraft, or discussing the chances of survival. As one lad lightly commented when we were strafed at random by a German aircraft, "I thought one of those bullets had my name on it." It had grazed his cheek. This was a survival game.

The Soldier at the battle for Caen:

We in "B" Echelon were positioned outside Caen on high ground where we could see the war going on. As if losing our men wasn't enough, on August 8, several American heavy bombers made the awful mistake of bombing our men. This was really a sad day. I with others in the "B" Echelon witnessed the whole unfortunate occurrence. There were heavy damages to equipment and several casualties. One was our division commander, Major General Kellar. What a heavy feeling that bombing left with us. In warfare there were always the unpredictable and the unexpected. Things were never the same from one moment to the next. To see bombs raining down on your own guys, being dropped by your own guys, was traumatic.

The Man of Faith:

During this (Atlantic) crossing I contemplated what I had seen and accomplished. I had learned a lot about life and painting from nature, how things grow, how they live and die. The autumn leaves in all their colour and glory die. These leaves, in their last release from the trees that bore them, just flutter gently down to the bosom of Mother earth from whence they came. Just like humans: they are born, they live and they die. A chance to know the creator for a few years, which seems like a bubble on the stormy creek or babbling brook. This bubble bursts and one would never know it ever existed, enjoined again in the ever moving circle of things.

I considered that my life was primarily influenced by four things: first my willingness to risk leaving my boyhood home to venture to Canada as a harvester; second, the love of my wife, family, and good friends that I found in Canada; third, my experience in the Regina Rifles that taught me the price of freedom; and fourth, trusting in God as my navigator never failed me as I was tossed upon the seas of life.

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Frank Proctor

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