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After I Was There arrived from the printers, our first priority was to get Frank Proctor's story into the hands of veterans of the Regina Rifles and their families across Canada and in the USA. This was accomplished and we received many heartwarming expressions of appreciation from his comrades. Our meeting in Ottawa with Douglas Fisher and his review in the Legion Magazine generated a flood of orders from other veterans.

When we travelled to the Saskatchewan locales of I Was There, we were very warmly received and experienced first hand the same generosity and friendliness that Frank experienced 70 years ago. In Saskatchewan the bookstores and print media took to this book immediately, and there was an enthusiastic response at the several military bases we visited.

Of course, in Frank's adopted hometown of Mission in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, the response to his book has been tremendous.

In Canada's capital city of Ottawa in the Province of Ontario, I Was There is selling steadily at The Canadian War Museum and the Museum of Civilization. Following presentation of copies to the Perley Home, an impressive and modern facility where some 400 veterans reside, we received compliments and expressions of appreciation.

Also in Ontario, we visited Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo where their Centre for Canadian Military History had ordered copies of the book. We look forward to I Was There having a role in contributing to the increasing interest of new generations in Canadian Military Heritage. With this in mind, copies were forwarded to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and a warm response was received from Chairperson Carole Taylor. The many positive responses by readers continue to be very rewarding to us.

Sales also continue from the book being sold to raise funds by community organizations and churches, since this book is both inspirational as well as historical and makes a wonderful gift. We are continuing to seek distribution arrangements and invite your inquiry for a quantity for resale. Your margin could be as high as 80%, depending on the quantity ordered and shipping costs to your location.

To order a single copy send:
  • $28.50 Canadian / U.S. Dollars
    to: tmi Publications, Box 692, Gibsons, B.C.,
    V0N 1V0, Canada

    Shipping and taxes included in price.

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Frank Proctor

Edited by
William N Tindall & Pamela Proctor

Published by tmi Publications, Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada

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